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All homes are different. Therefore, our system ramps are available in different widths and lengths, and with turns of 22.5, 45, 90 or 180 degrees. The modules can be combined endlessly.

Module and system ramps. A complete construction system

Ramp components
The ramp system is composed of six different ramp lengths. An individual ramp component may be used independently with upper and lower connections or be welded together with others to form a longer section. Generally speaking, you can build your ramp as long as you like. Each weld is reinforced with joint plates and braces. Our ramps have an internal width of 90 cm and are available in separate modules from 100 cm to 300 cm.

We have five different types of landings for use in ramp constructions. P-1 & P-3 are used for 90 degree turns and P-2 for 180 degree switchbacks. P-4 and P-5 are used for square landings or to extend an existing landing in front of an entrance.

Handrails are available for all ramps and landings. There is no requirement for handrails but they are recommended, particularly for steep ramps. Handrails can be added at a later date to existing ramp constructions – both landings and ramps are equipped for retrofitting..

Custom ramps

In addition to our standard ramps, we also manufacture systems to order in any dimension, e.g. for a special larger landing directly outside the entrance for increased maneuverability. Landings can also be equipped with steps.

Expanded metal and perforated and grooved surfaces in our ramps and landings provide virtually slip-proof mobility and act as a deterrent to outside conditions like ice, snow and leaves.

Easy installation – three tools!

Get your calculations right with our app

Our mobile app makes it easy to calculate which parts you need for your system ramp. Simply input your measurements and requirements and the app will calculate exactly what is needed and produce a list of materials including prices. The app then sends this to an email address of your choice. Easy or what?
Our system ramp app is a tool we provide for our existing and new customers.
Interested to try? Contact us and we will send login details.

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